7869 ROUTE 82, PINE PLAINS NY 12567, USA

Sunny River Farm

Superior American Wagyu Beef


100% American Wagyu  

Adored by luxury beef fans for it’s mouthwatering taste, and prized by head Chefs for it’s stunning marbling, Sunny River Wagyu beef comes to you with outstanding, unprecedented quality and taste. 

Appearing on the tables of the finest dining establishments in the USA, our decadent American Wagyu beef has ranked “best of the best” by experienced Chefs and their most demanding customers. With demand soaring in recent years, we have continued to satisfy the growing need for only the finest Wagyu in the industry.


American Wagyu Association

Promoted and recognized as preferred breeders by the American Wagyu Association.

As New York’s preferred Wagyu breeders, we remain consistent members of the American Wagyu Association, to give confidence to our customers that they receive only quality beef of the highest standards.

100% Fullblood Wagyu Beef

Our free roaming cattle are raised naturally. There are no hormones, and no steroids. Fresh from our farm, you will receive 100% American fullblood Wagyu. Sunny River guarantees to provide you with only the best for your guests.


Guaranteed Excellence

We stand by our standards of quality, ensuring the finest, 5 star dining experience.



The Chef’s Review

Sunny River has consistently provided our establishment with the finest Wagyu beef, which allows us the opportunity to offer the perfect product to our loyal guests. The quality is consistent and unsurpassed. We look forward to continuing to purchase from Sunny River Farm.

Jon S.

Executive Chef

To maintain a reputation worthy of outstanding reviews, one must offer outstanding dishes consistently. Since we began serving Sunny River Wagyu signature dishes on our menu, we are confident in knowing that our customers will continue to rate us above our competitors. Let there be no misunderstanding. This is top rated beef which any honorable Chef will be delighted to serve.

Mark W.

Head Chef